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A specialist company within the communication industry. Bleeper Services and its subsidiary branch Universal Radio Hire offer a vast experience of technical understanding with a level of service and independent advice that leaves nothing to chance.

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Scope Geo 84ZM

Scope pagers are rugged and reliable and meet the demanding data needs of today’s busy work place by providing excellent battery life, and still maintaining a perfect size and weight.

Scope N9S

Like its top display brother the N9T, the side display N9S numeric pager can be feature-programmed to suit all needs. At its simplest, the pager can be configured for just one button operation to avoid user confusion. Frequency and capcodes can also be hand programmed on the pager (password protected). The pulsed vibrate patterns are ideal for the hard of hearing, and the pager can even be “locked” to prevent the user changing the alert mode or switching it off.

Geo 84Z WMP


  • Powered by mains PSU with internal re-chargeable battery
  • Loud audible alert
  • GEO 84Z AA

    Scope have taken it’s 84Z pager and improved it to new heights of performance!
    Now featuring a rechargeable AA battery, even louder audible alert and intelligent charger/docking station, the 84Z AA adds a whole new dimension to paging.

    Scope Geo N9T/SEM

    The Geo N9 is a multi-functional numeric display pager utilizing the POCSAG communication. An excellent simple pager for wear, you hardly notice it in your pocket!