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Scope PageTek 3

PageTek 3 is an exceptionally flexible programmable transmitter, which will automatically send messages direct to radio pagers and signal to fixed receivers, when activated.

Product specifications

  • Fully programmable zoned input UHF transmitter
  • 5 zone and 10 zone versions
  • All inputs configurable as dry contact or voltage input
  • Mains powered and 12V DC models
  • Ranges of up to 1 mile with standard 1/4 wave aerial
  • PC programmable
  • Adjustable trigger times, delays, alarm repeats are all programmable options plus a new 'Burglar Alarm' mode on the 10 zone version.
  • Optional antennas(view image)

  • A 3/4 wave fixed antenna: will cover most commercial sites.
  • B Mini Dipole antenna: remote internally mounted antenna for larger sites or areas of difficult propagation
  • C Folded Dipole antenna: remote externally mounted
    antenna for maximum coverage (e.g. campuses and multi-building sites)
  • Downloads: